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Honestly speaking does ManU fans think that Pogba should go or Mourinho should go?

Remember, Moyers went because of the players, LVG went because of the players, if Mourinho go it would make 3 in a row.

I think at some points the club needs to kick some players out for their attitude to show them that they can't strong arm the club and push coaches out just because they are unhappy.

Some says it's easier to change the coach then change the players but remember there are more than enough good players to buy than good coaches for hire. But of coz Mourinho is a virus and should be removed still
jm should gtfo along with lkk and a few others. dun rly wana see porkba go cos he's good in FM.

jm will never change his defensive tactics and loser mentality. i think some of our players incl porky can perform better under a manager with a different mentality.
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