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i have mentioned time n again, our team lacks a lot in multiple department.
y do u think the fans are so split every transfer window about buying striker or strengthening the defence.
becos both areas are bad.

for me, i see the problem is not being able to bring out the ball from our half faster that limits our no. of chances/opening by the time the ball reach the strikers. every striker will miss a shot or 2, but because we created that limited amount of openings, those misses are so huge for us.
Yes, so isn't that a goal scoring/striker problem? Shouldn't we reinforce in that department? Did we sign any new 20+ goals striker in the event that LKK goes out of form? Using Fellaini as a make shift plan B ain't gonna work all the time since he has no record of scoring 20+ goals a season. So that seems to be JM's plan even if we do get a CB this Jan. Unless he is a goal scoring centerback.

Look at his attacking options in those teams and look at ours.
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