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earlier pages got mention..
we may be 2nd last season and conceded a low no. of goals but when we compare the no. of shots DDG have to save compared to the rest of the teams that have good defensive records...its crazy.

but with that, we still didn't strengthen the team. we still using Young Valencia Smalling and struggling to find who among Lindelof Bailly Rojo Jones should be our centre half pair. these aren't the kinda back 4 any team that wants to challenge for titles would be using.
I think most of you failed to take notice that DeGea saved the whole club's asses most of the times in last couple of years.

When the club depends on a world class goalkeeper to save their asses time and time again, i think if i'm the keeper i also sian. Pay not on par with some world cup stars. While alot of suiters are chasing his signature.

Keepers mistakes are enlarged while saves are easily forgotten.

Everyone thought DeGea on god mode is a given. It's a matter of time.

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