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Just got my rejection letter and this is my 7th application. So demoralize to reapply. Sainz..
hi valvani, i remembered they called you to switch to pri school eng?
the fact that you didnt get the rejection email after the 4 weeks mark, probably meant that they did consider you strongly.

As you might know due to our falling birth rates and shrinking enrollment at the JC levels means that secondary school places are extremely competitive. If you are really keen to teach (regardless of the level) then you should consider applying for the primary school level where you will face lesser competition(due to the fact that most applicants prefer to teach at secondary levels) and also more vacancies are available(with all pri schools moving from double to single sessions).

In the mean time try to pursue your other interest. For me i almost gave up at my 4th application, what i did from my 2nd application to my 4th was i started volunteering for free , teaching tuition at the local community centre for 1 year . Besides the experience i got , i felt that allowed me to validate my claims on why i really wanted to make teaching my career and i felt that sat really well with the interviewers . Before the last interview i told myself that this would be my last time applying , and i was going to give my best . I prepared for my presentation way in advance , watched countless youtube videos for lesson inspiration , rehearsed all the lines and memorized the entire 5 mins presentation . Maybe give yourself one final shot at it(might have to wait 6 months , else they wont consider your application anyway).

in any case , cheer up. Where there is life , there is hope!
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