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Question FWD Cancer Insurance?

Hi Bros

Recently FWD has released a cancer insurance plan.

As medical technology is advancing, many people are detecting cancer at earlier stages and getting treatment for it. In addition, cancer is the most common form of CI. Thus I felt there is a gap missing in terms of my early cancer coverage and have thus decided to get GE's early cancer care. See

The main reason I bought this is because traditional CI (critical illness) rider plans only pay out on critical illnesses (which includes cancer) at only stage 3/4 (FYI chances of recovery from stage 3/4 is usually low). Thus if one were to get a stage 1 or 2 cancer, they would not to be able to make any claims and would have to bear the majority of medical costs.

I believe there are early CI plans that do early payouts but there are either very expensive or are only available in ILP riders.

I've read in this forum that ISP(Integrated Shield Plans) would be able to cover your treatments for stage 1/2 cancer but I am not fully confident this is the case.

Question : Do you guys think it is worth switching to FWB Cancer insurance? On first glance it seems to offer the same benefits as GE's early cancer insurance but at 1/5 the price. Also not sure the claim rate in FWD since it is a relatively new company. What do you guys think?
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