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Would reading your Integrated Shield plan’s policy letter make you more confident?

If the cancer (or any other medical ailment) involves medically necessary hospitalization, it’s covered, along with related pre-/post-hospitalization treatment within the coverage window which varies, depending on carrier and policy, from 90 days/90 days to 13 months/13 months.

Just go read your policy letter.

MediShield Life and MediSave also offer coverage for cancer and other ailments, per their terms.
I second that. Thread starter should read the policy letter.

Generally, the common cancer procedure and treatment are covered - surgery, chemo, radio, immuno etc.

Not entirely true that 3rd or 4th stage cancer is "too late". It depends on the individual - the type of cancer and where it affects, the age, any other medical conditions, how the body reacts to the treatment, luck etc.
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