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nope i don't need to use medisave.
yes, i don't need to spend a single cent on my treatment so far and to date, i have incurred close to $24K in total medical bills.

yes the payout is like a sympathy gift, cash money to pay for my miscellaneous expenses such as medical wigs, transport (cos i'm taking taxi now instead of public transport to avoid crowds) etc.

some ppl need the payout as a income replacement as they cannot work. but for my case, i am still working from home so i do not need to use the payout to replace my income.
yes good to have ci cover to cover other expenses not covered by ISP.

My friend diagnosed with cancer, luckily after operation recovered and back to work, also got her payout from ci policy.

I understand older ci policies might cover compared to new ones because of the wording of the policy. So check with your insurer what is covered.

wish u a speedy recovery.

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