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OK, but by that standard it's also good to have an insurance payout if your refrigerator breaks and needs repair. Yes, OK, the refrigerator might still be under warranty, but maybe you could use the money to buy $200 of groceries to restock?

Insurance (and "insurance") isn't free, and every dollar you spend on such products that isn't really helping is one less dollar that you could keep or that you could spend on much more valuable insurance that would defend against genuine calamities you're undefended against. As a notable example, I'm mystified why so many people rank CI coverage ahead of DII coverage. That makes no sense to me at all.

Sure, cancer is scary, but most people have reasonable defenses against it, or at least are better defended against it than they are some against other much more horrible risks.

The above is not a criticism of Juju. He won this lottery ticket, as it were, and that's great (not the cancer). He didn't need the money, but he got it anyway and can save almost all of it.
Hello, u got short memory?

I have discussed this before, more than 20 years ago, I can only buy whole life to cover CI, it is a savings plan, if nothing happens I will get back all my premiums with 4% compounded returns! If I no longer need the cover, it becomes my retirement funds!

Even if they sold DII in the past, I will not waste my money on it! It is an expense, not a savings plan, if nothing happens, money down the drain. My preference.

Insurance play on your greed and fear. If u have extreme greed and fear and cannot manage it, u will be donating all your hard monies to the insurer!

I am a human being, u are a refrigerator?

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