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Does anyone know if StarHub PostPaid DataTravel stacks like Happy Roam Data Packs? For example, if you buy 2x DataTravel Asia Pacific 1GB for $5, 3 days, do you get 2GB for 6 days?

Asking because of new StarHub Postpaid Plans with no contract. Planning to sign up for the $25 when it becomes available. It's actually really good value - and no activation fees, setup fees either.
Well in one of the Scenario it look like it can be stacked > DataTravel FAQ
Scenario 2: Top-up by purchasing a 3-day DataTravel plan
For example, if the current expiry date of your DataTravel Asia-Pacific bundle is 10 July 2018, and a new DataTravel Asia-Pacific 1GB (3 days) plan is purchased on 1 July 2018, then the new expiry date will be on 13 July 2018.
If you want to have 2GB data why don't purchase the 30-days plan at $15 although it cost $5 more.

Meanwhile for the full T&C on DataTravel Asia-Pacific > Mobile T&C - page 19

For your info.. please read & confirm yourself as i don't use it or you can see if anyone else do have the experienced firsthand.
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