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I have been following this thread since the start of the year and it has helped to elevate my worries regarding the long waiting time and processes involved in the MOE application. So I decided to contribute to this thread to help others who might be having the anxiety. Hang in there!

Here is my timeline:

Submit Application: 17 Jan 2018
Application Window: 1-21 Feb 2018
Interview: 12 Mar 2018
Medical: Asked to complete by 14 May 2018
Possible offer of Appointment: 5 Sep 2018
Appointment Briefing: 27 Sep 2018
Notification of school posting: 4 Dec 2018

Anyone has similar timeline as me?
I just realised I havent done the PS Card photo taking at CISCO and does anyone know when we are supposed to contact the principal of the school we are posted to? Is it on AOD date or should I contact now? But its still the school holidays.
You waited so long from medical to appointment, nearly 4 months. I finished my medical check up in the early Oct, now still waiting for the information about appointment. Hope can finish my waiting soon.
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