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done! Thanks for the advice.

I was wondering if it is possible to buy 1 additional as spare without activating it since they are phasing out the $5 one.... hmm

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Nowadays at the point of purchase it will register and activate at the same time.
Unlike in the past where you can hold on to it and until you need to use then activate.

Each person is allow to register up to 3 Prepaid SIM cards of any Telco.
So in the meanwhile you still can purchase more as you now have 1.

For me i have 2 Starhub Prepaid SIM for no reason as one was free.
In order to extend the expiry of the Prepaid SIM i use the main credit to deduct $1.40 to extend 90-days and so for $5.60 for 360-days or 1 year validity as like subscription.
Hence there is no need to pay CASH to top-up and extend the Prepaid SIM.
That's why i don't mind to take $15 Prepaid SIM that can last for 3 years as to have a mobile number including for temporary measure, just in case.
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