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I kena the same too. Have they done anything stunt?

Can anyone share their stories how are you all kena pull into this.

Mine was simple. I was browsing carousel and came across iPhone Installment plan. And after contacting that person and I was pull into this shyt hole. Force 500 into account and find all sorts of excuse to make defer, after returning 2k plus they say weekly loan is paid, I still need to clear monthly loan of 800. I reported police and now they spamming calls to my Nok.
How abt now bro? Still have? My one they force 300. I gave them about 600 now already including their 300. This guy also gave me same account to transfer to. Quite funny. He also don't have any defer or late charge or anything. Wondering if I block him now will spam call my "NOK" number anot. Haha my NOK number is my spare line lmao
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