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For me i have 2 Starhub Prepaid SIM for no reason as one was free.
In order to extend the expiry of the Prepaid SIM i use the main credit to deduct $1.40 to extend 90-days and so for $5.60 for 360-days or 1 year validity as like subscription.
Hence there is no need to pay CASH to top-up and extend the Prepaid SIM.
That's why i don't mind to take $15 Prepaid SIM that can last for 3 years as to have a mobile number including for temporary measure, just in case.
Haha, doing the same thing.

We have 5 prepaid number (4 StarHub plus one SingTel) at home including three actively used and two mainly as a “RFID” so that we can easily find the phones when the children misplace them.
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