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If you use WiFi, then switch to wire to test. There might be multiple version of M8S Pro. Is yours from MeCool?

Even from MeCool there are different models.
M8S Pro, Amlogic S912
M8S Pro L, Amlogic S912, unofficial Android TV
M8S Pro W, Analogic S905W, unofficial Android TV

This may be related to your internet and not the box. You can check if your other device have the same problem with the same app or not.

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I'm using wire. I can switch to wifi but I thought the TV is between the box and the router, it may cause interference. I'm using the Pro S912. The internet is actually not gigabit, only 100MB/s.

I've used the router app to monitor the traffice, when it's good, it also not using a lot of bandwidth. So I wonder anybody else having this problem, if it's due to the internet, others would get it too.
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