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You lucky bugger, not bad a return for you I guess, caught at least 45 mins of nice flowing football akin to the United many of us knew. Could've been even better if AnthonyM was playing instead of RomeluL.

DiogoD still looks like one for the long term, but I would reserve final thoughts until at least 5 or 10 games. We all saw what happened to AlexB and MatteoD who started really well in the first 3 or 4.

NemanjaM was playing on one of his best modes today, and is helped greatly with the energetic AnderH and very consistent JuanM. No ball waster-hogger in the midfield helps a lot.

So it does seem like the coaching team puts in effort to design moves, but that is very dependent on the opposition players not being on their tip top form. Credit where it's due, but I think they can still do better than that.

Comparatively poor 2nd half, shows how prone we are to individual mistakes when we are on the back foot. And it was a very mediocre Fulham.

Good display of what we are capable of, now they need to keep it going for this whole period.

Finally, pretty awful refereeing today. Felt like we were the away team with the amount of tolerance shown to the Fulham midfield.
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