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You just ignore them. This is how they think by forcing a loan by transferring to you and you will have no choice. You do have a choice. Inform your workplace that you have been scammed. Also, inform NOK. Just tell them you thought it was a legal loan.

Next, change your mobile number and close bank account. Remember even if you try to transfer back, police will suspect it as illegal transaction.

Finally, deactivate all your social media accounts to prevent them from attacking your friends or family by letting them save photographs to threaten you. And go get a cctv just in case.

Remember, nothing will work if you continue to fear them. Stand a firmer ground and cut their source of money.

Hi i am new here. Really need help and advice.. i had fully paid my loan for the UML. But they are now forcing a loan to me. I have changed my sing-pass password. Please help to advice.
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