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Hi, I am a BHRM 2019/01 Student that has since accepted the offer! I created this account mainly to discuss and find out what did I actually sign up for.
Reading the first 10 pages of the thread it seems that I am signing up for hell

Anybody in the same course please reply or DM, because I think it will be a good idea to huddle together for support.

Also, I think my mod choices are screwed as I did it haphazardly... anybody in same predicament?
Hi! I'm in PT BHRM 01/19. I've seen a handful of names in this forum in the same course too. You can do a quick keyword search to filter them.

Which modules did you choose? I took Social Emotional Learning + Team Dynamics for Term 1 and Human Growth + Employment Law for Term 2.

When I spoke to the program team at the Open House, it was said that this is a rigorous course thats hard to graduate. And yea there's been nightmarish stories written here about the course. Idk about you but I'm not working during my studies so I at least have the time to study.
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