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Hi, I'm currently in an on-going loan shark scam, please advise what should I do?
Wanted a 10k loan, 18 mths repayment was agreed. Suddenly was told he will do me 600 first but have to return 800 the next day before able to convert to the 10k loan. I felt something fishy and tried to call up the LML company he claimed to be from and was told no such person. After confirming was a scam, checked my account no money transferred in yet, I called him back to cancel. He told me need to check with his office, next thing I know 600 in my account and I knew I'm doomed. Was striked with fear and panicking, i agreed that the next day i will still pay the 800 in order to cancel the 10k loan. The next day kept chasing for account to settle until night time another guy, his so called manager called to assure that next day will provide account to fully settle. Next day, they did call but requested to transfer 150 to another account and assured that following day will provide account for full settlememt of the 650. I did it hoping that I can get it over and done with, only to realise after that, I facilitated UML activity in transferring money as the 600 deposited to me was also done in 3 small separate amounts. Today, was the day supposed to receive account for full settlement, again didn't happen and I chased, he turned nasty threatening and requested for higher amount. I know this will be never ending.
My questions in mind:
1) I want to report police but will I be charged for that transfer I did?
2) What to do with the remaining balance of 450 sitting in my account.
3) I want to ignore UML until I make police report but how to? Should I lead him along the way until I make police report?
4) After I make police report, what are the vital details to cover up? I had provided my nric, singpass (had changed password) and account number
5) what to do with my account? I can't stop the account in such short notice as I do have recurring GIRO instructions

Thanks in advance, really need help to get out of the situation.
Read my post and take action right away.

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