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Greece in Jan - maybe you can go hiking. It's really lovely. We went Aegina in May (can rent a car from ATH and drive over in a ferry), and had our most romantic trip ever (without intending to)

Turkey wise there are these, and I've highlighted the parts I've actually been to in bold. You can book tix on Obilet, or at least get the schedule from there. And most bus companies will fetch you from their branch office to the bus itself, for free :

North East (right of Istanbul):
Rize: Tea growing country and nice mountains
Amasra: Beach - I'm thinking of heading there next year, as a cheap option to Greece
And from there, you can drive into Georgia, and up into Zugdidi/ Svaneti. Georgia is lovely and safe - we just went this year.

Edirne - home to nice mosques and I think lamb innards

Cappadocia: I thought this was bit of a snooze fest. Other than the wines, the rocks were just, well, rocks.

Mount Ararat - apparently where Noah's ark landed
Theres some other place there with big heads. Mount Nemrut or smth

Southeast (it's safe, if you don't mind the proximity to Syria):
Mardin - this is actually supposed to be a very nice place...

South West:
Antalya - major beach town that I didn't like, it's like a very dirty Los Angeles
Kas - 3h away from Antalya and amazing wines, beaches, and fish restaurants, and a boat ride away from Greece (Meis / Kastellorizo)
Pamukkale etc (like the previous person before me noted)
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