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Cash is still king. :-)

Still you should be able to use Singapore credit card in bigger hotels and shops in big city like Beijing/Shanghai/Guangzhou/Shenzhen.

Next option is to use Union Pay Credit/Debit Card from Singapore branch of BOC or ICBC.

Then cash.

Or you can try the 3rd party WeChat Pay service providers for smaller amount as well.
I am in China for a short trip . Today I tried twice with Wechat 微信零钱 to pay street vendor. First try is a success but I needed to log in to the WiFi as my WeChat account is on my main phone without roaming data. Second try failed without the wifi access. Local people say it (offline we chat wallet) should work but it did not cause the other side did not manage to get the pop-up for the password.

I just got a local sim card from my relative and hopefully my wechat pay experiences for the next few days will be better.

I top up my wechat wallet with the Ang Bao money from my relatives because I do not have a China bank card.
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