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Hi all.
I've been following this thread for quite sometime now. Somehow it has given me the courage to stop paying my AL.
I owe two AL. Similar to everyone here, it was a forced loan.
The first one I saw their ad on FB and enquire. Tell me must provide my particulars and NOK and all to see if I have clean record. Thinking that they are legitimate moneylenders I provide them. About an hour later told me all clear. Told me since its my first time taking loan from them, I cannot get the $5k that I asked for so must go thru a trial loan. I immediately told them I didnt want to continue and straight away they transfer $500. I told them off and demand an account to transfer back but they say I must defer ($200) for 5 every 7days. So if I want to clear I have to pay $1.7k to close account. I obliged to it because I dont want to cause any trouble. Since I took the loan, I have been receiving alot of whatsaap and text from other money lenders. Mostly I ignore until one unfortunate day my mum got sick and needed money for her treatment. Swee2 this 'money lender' call me saying his company offer loan with 1% interest monthly.out of desperation, I enquire for $1.5k loan. Same routine particulars, banknacct and NOK also by then I sense something fishy and immediately tell me I want to think about it first. Also automatically transfer me $600 after I said that.
I knew if I were to demand for an account to transfer back, it will also be the same thing. So I was told to clear must defer $350 for 4 days at least once. And then can clear acct for $950. Everytime I want to clear keep saying I must inform in advanced for him to find an account.

I keep on deferring for afew weeks cause I didnt have enough cash to clear $950 due to my mum medical bills.

So far my AL has been nice la even when I ask for 1-2 days delay as I was having some problem. No late payment fee was given. Sometimes even allow me to pay the deferment in 2 payments.

Until few days ago. I was down to my last cent. I really got no more money to pay them at all and I decided to just ignore them. I manage to stall them for few days. until today I totally ignore their call and messages. So far no call to NOK or office. No threatens were made when I ignore them. Seems like to good to be true.

I paid a total of $1.2k to the first AL which transfer me $500
And $1150 for the 2nd one which transfer me $600.

I am prepared for the worst la. Hopefully everything goes well for me and the rest of you.

Do you think they will try to ask for money still. Cause I havent finish paying them up? But I did tell them I really got no money at all how to pay.

Today is the first day only so far no threats and all. What do you think I should do?
Read my post and take action right away.

PM me if you are Clueless.
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