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This is the THIRD time....

when amazon 1st launched, I joined prime, search for those items that I want and put them in the cart, went searching for day, the prices of these items went up!

Nebermind, emptied the cart. A 2nd time I put the items and again next day the price changes to be higher! I wrote about this April/May in hardwarezone....

Then I cancelled my prime. Yesterday needed some cpu and can't find any cheaper in Qoo10 or etc and loh and behold, the cheapest was Amazon Prime SG. So I signed up prime again $2.99 and put the item in the cart, but it was already too late so I didn't trigger the buy. Today the item is NO LONGER available.

So it may be true, amazon sg got some AI running in the background that tries to suck as much $ out from consumer, but in an unfair way....

u delay checkout then blame IA. Good deals dont wait for anyone
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