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The staff at amazon sg is macham like monitoring watch list
They don't need staff to do that, they have been playing dynamic pricing for a long time.

In additional to the scale of change, the frequency of change is also impressive: on average, a product’s price changed every five days, while certain products’ prices changed up to 300 times in the year. Many of the price changes were automated and determined based on products’ sales predictions based on Amazon’s massive amount of shopping data and powerful machine learning algorithms.
I've noticed one scenario for items on clearance price with very limited qty. Sometimes up to 3, sometimes just one. You can tell when you check your cart, and see the max qty you can add. Basically it's likely that you're not the only one beoing the price, and you just need person check it out, it's gone.

If you're talking about US/international selection, you can actually also track the item pricing via camelcamelcamel. And on amazon US you can actually see quite clearly state how many in stock if it is limited. And doesn't mean both will be sold at the clearance price. I've noticed that if I buy the item, straightaway it bounces back to non-clearance price.

So the ideal is, once the price drop to your ideal point, mai tu liao just hoot. Some clearance items, I noticed will drop a few bucks very 1-2 days until someone checks it out. If nobody buys, then it will just hover at that price for awhile, then back to normal price. Just some observations...
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