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This is the THIRD time....

when amazon 1st launched, I joined prime, search for those items that I want and put them in the cart, went searching for day, the prices of these items went up!

Nebermind, emptied the cart. A 2nd time I put the items and again next day the price changes to be higher! I wrote about this April/May in hardwarezone....

Then I cancelled my prime. Yesterday needed some cpu and can't find any cheaper in Qoo10 or etc and loh and behold, the cheapest was Amazon Prime SG. So I signed up prime again $2.99 and put the item in the cart, but it was already too late so I didn't trigger the buy. Today the item is NO LONGER available.

So it may be true, amazon sg got some AI running in the background that tries to suck as much $ out from consumer, but in an unfair way....

Amazon USA is also the same just that its the opposite. I was checking out the price of a Panasonic 2-line Dect phone and took note of the price. Subsequently went back again to check after some time and surprised to see price dropped but it went back to the original price after a few days. I didn't buy it on the spot cos of voltage issue but bought it from Qoo instead as the seller threw in free voltage converter and with the Qoo coupon, it was cheaper than Amazon.
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