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Thank you very much.

1 of the elderly is a female. Her knees are not too strong and pain easily.

The plan is to travel in Aprik 2019 to enjoy the cool temperature.
Apr is not that cooling. Feb/mar is still cooling

that means u all need book driver. cos 7 ppl, very worth to book a minibus

My personal one is a lot of walking and "jogging" and lugging all the 30kg luggages not suitable for u

u decide where u wanna ur 1st day to be. Taipei or str8 to taichung / SML

from SML to tarako trails it is good to give it at least 3 days 2 nights

tarako / luodong to jiaoxi is another 3D2N . Jiaoxi hot spring is good for elderly joints

Jiaoxi- jiufen/badouzi/shifen/yeliu another 2D1N. (this one better to stay at taipei or YMS)

my personal next trip, will still stay in taichung 2D1N before moving out to tarako trail
accomodation very difficult to advise u. it is very dependent on vacancy. we did not have anything much to choose from when we were looking 5 weeks ahead, we were looking for family room
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