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Hi guys hope you could help and tell me anything i could do ahead of this matter. I'm now in the state of a fcked up life. I got stuck in this plothole like many others. At first, I thought i was borrowing from LML and then cannot cope for the last two payments which was 200 defer twice, so i had to borrow from another and it went on and on. I've now borrowed from 3 AL thinking they were LML and now i can't pay for ****. I paid around 2K alr. I'm only below the age of 20 and now i owe ard 1.6k. One of the AL keep asking me to help him do dirty jobs and i kept saying no. Can't tell my parents cuz they'll probably send me overseas to study and give up on me. I'm still trying to drag the Als. Do you think they might come find me, i feel they're all malaysians. What can or shld I do to stop this **** other than telling my parents.
Young man - the moment you start to pay them, there will not end to this. STOP NOW.

Yes, tell your parents that you made a mistake, if they will send you overseas means they care about you. You can fix this, don't let their threats scare you. DONT ever fall for their offer to be a runner, many young people have done it and were PROMPTLY ARREST, it is a criminal offence.

You can refer to the number of victims here -

Pls read my post. Take care.

PM me if you are Clueless.

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