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If the VPN vendors are following China government policy, then there will no VPN targeting consumers because they are against the law. Only approved business organization can set up VPN for business use.

ExpressVPN, Nord and Astrill are some of the traditional VPN solutions known to work in China.

Then there are quite some many ShadowSocks (SS/SSR) solution providers which can bypass the great firewall (aka GFW) in China. They are usually faster than traditional VPN. There are new stuff like V2Ray and WireGuard.
Thanks for the info.

Set up a VPN on your own router or computer on your network.

I setup a openVPN server on my network for some of my relatives when they went to china and it worked fine.
Haha...I not sure how to do it

Nevermind, for the time being, stick to my pre-paid Starhub Happy roaming. At least still can access the sites that I need to. Just no unlimited data.
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