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playing in asia server which have many 3rd world countries players so cannot expect too much. i think they still don't know that the main objective of the game is to destroy enemies base. most of them just want to get many kills and never protect or destroy towers.

my advice is try not to use mm unless you are very good at carrying whole team cos most will not let you farm to build your items. also they usually die before reaching late game so mm not very useful. try to use fighters or op mages. also if you see kids avatar in matching up then don't click enter.
U are damn right man. I may delete this game sia blood boil. Most of them just go for kills. And also never look at map
Most just creep and doesn't help out. Even enemy attack terret they also bo pasar
Play this game must have awareness must look at map
Just played a match this guy use alutard hide in Bush while i ganked by johnson and gord. Dafuh man cb
Many many tards.

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