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Dear all,

I need help. I got involved in one LS. I saw this advertisment on Fb for installment for handphone.. I whatsapp and enquire. He told me he is from Rapid credit. Got my details and also my bank account number. So regret... He called me and explained to me that their company will loan me that amount for the phone and i go buy and i pay monthly of $150 for 12 months. Then he mentioned he will transfer me the money. But he transferred only $300. I ask him y... He said he will check and nv get back to me. And one week later, i got a msg from him and says my payment reached ask me to transfer $150. From there i know its LS. Haiz.... I just wan to clear totally when i have the money. When i asked him how much i have to pay and clear, he told me $1000 abd i have made. Then he said i have to make and $2200 to clear. Really no money liao. What should i do. I have made a police report through iwitness and given them all the details. Tomolo i got to make another 150 and by end month $2200. I am scared he will call my company and i lose my job abd also come up to my house. Please tell me what to do. I have paid so much than what i loan. I have closed my bank account once i know he is an LS cos i dun wanna him to anyhow transfer money. I need help
Hi Lynn.
Just remain calm so you'll be able to think better. Dont worry too much cause at the first place you dont owe them anything at all. And you've paid them more than what they loan. If you continue paying them, they'll mark you as an easy target and the cycle wont end.

Inform your workplace ASAP saying you got scammed. Letting them know before hand is better they might even help you to f*ck this scammer call your workplace.
Explain to them what exactly happened and pray that they will understand your situation

Since police report is made than good. Just remember not to transfer to them anything at all. Cause if you do, you will get into trouble with the law. They can say you are an accomplice. Inform all your NOK. They will nag and all but they will never leave you alone to go through this.

Just be wary of suspicious character and call the police if you feel something is not right.

I dont think they will do anything since you already paid then alot more than the loan. Might as well the money you paid them, you get yourself a new hp right?

I pray all the best for you and good luck. Stay firm and be strong. Dont be scared of them. All of us and here if you need support.
Personally this thread is my source of motivation to fight against this LS and it help me pull through till today. I hope somehow it will manage to help yours too. 😊
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