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Earlier this year, had friend in SG added local Credit Card to accept angbao.
Forgot he's using POSB Everyday card or OCBC 365.

Forgot to mention, those plans with RMB 5 base, the data plan is throughout whole of China. No Roaming rates, flat rate across whole China.

These plans are being rolled out since earlier this year.

Previous plans are ties to the province of where the SIM card is activated. And the Data is usually LOCAL data. 省内。

Was in ChongQing in 2016 end, the prepaid plans are RMB8 or 9 flat. with data costing RMB1/300mb or 500mb. stackable up to 5/6 times a day.
But same sim is not able to have this package in other places i visited later in 2017.
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