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Guys I have a question about physical games. If I had a game installed, R3 region, letís say I lost the disc, game on the console itself was never uninstalled and save files were never deleted. If I purchase a R1 or R2 region game (same game of course), would I still be able to load and play my old data? Strictly speaking for offline mode, not playing on PSN.
An installed game and game saves are separate. Deleting an installed game from PS4 hard disk does not delete the save (and vice versa).

Different region versions of the same game typically have different product code, and the save files are not cross-region compatible. (Similarly for DLCs.) So it is important to buy back the same region.

However many games have some cross-region compatibility, like R3 may be compatible (same product code) with R1 but not R2, or R3 may be compatible with R2 but not R1. So it depends.

You can check the product code (typically CUSAxxxxx) on the game disc, on the game case cover or spine, or you can look up the game on PSN store (using a web browser) and check the URL address. (Generally product code is a good way to determine, but there may be exceptions.)

Also some games (especially online games) have save files stored on server, no local save on PS4 HDD. For these games, they may be cross-region compatible. (Eg. Destiny 2, I played R1, then deleted it, installed R3, can continue the save as if nothing changed, deleted R3, re-installed R1, still works.)
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