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Earlier this year, had friend in SG added local Credit Card to accept angbao.
Forgot he's using POSB Everyday card or OCBC 365.
Things only changed this year. I got the local sim card and applied wechat account with this number and it has wallet function by default. However even I can successfully added my OCBC Titanium credit card to the account but it is still useless. When I tried to receive Ang Bao it prompted me to add a local Chinese bank card.

For my new Starhub prepaid card, I tried to apply a wechat account and I could not even register for the account -- telling me that I need to get introduced by a local Chinese wechat user or a foreign user with more than 6 months of history of using wechat. In the end I just transferred another wechat account registered last time with my company phone to this new number. Still can not even activate the WeChat wallet with this wechat account.
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