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Hi guys.

Believed I was scammed into this uml...

Saw a phone instalment plan. Enquired. Then he ask for nric and cpf contribution. Said 2000 12 mth settle. He asked for bank account number and he did a video call to verify face..

Next 300 was in my account then he Mia on me for few day. WhatsApp reply doesn't explain and delay and delay.

Today told me 300 is trial loan need give back 500 on 23th before 7pm. I ask him for bank account he say on that day 1pm will give cuz always different bank account number. I tell him don't later u Mia then become late charge he say won't and said he want his money back. Planning to just give him 500 and block afterwards. Should I report police now?
I have the similiar suitation with u. So what happen in the end? Care to share?
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