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The current 15% promo code, does it stack with the 10% from PSN membership? On top of the hefty holiday sales they alrdy have? If it does then ill get a 1 month membership to save some as i plan to buy quite a few games.
Yes, it stacks. Many of the games in the sale have additional 10% off for PS+ members. This additional 10% is 10% of the original price, not of the sale price. So if original price is S$100, sale price is 50% off = S$50, PS+ gets additional 10% = S$40, not S$45. One month PS+ is S$6.90. So if the original prices of all the games you want to buy add up to S$69 or more, it's worth getting 1 month just for it. (Something like that lah, I haven't considered the 15% in the calculation. Maybe original price need to be S$82 or more. Just work on your list of games and compare.)

After you put all the games into the shopping cart (and enjoy the additional 10% PS+ discount, if any), you apply the 15% code onto the cart total. Note that typically you can only use the code once. So make sure you put everything into the cart (max 10 items) before checking out together. (Some of these promotions you get codes in mailbox etc., so you may have multiple codes. Even so, you can only apply such code once per account per promotion; even if you have more codes available, you already used one in the promo, can't use another.)

Note that these cart discounts (15% in this case) do not apply to PS+ membership, pre-orders, Spotify.
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