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fortunately IKEv2 works for me ... speed was quite simiiar to openVPN (udp). speedwise pretty close to ISP

android client needs additional installs to add OpenVPN, i guess it didn't work for you coz it defaults to IKEv2

may i know what speed are you getting for netflix test ( am gettng 13~18mbps which is borderline for 4K stream

Haha. Same experience for nord. I like express too but terminated due to pricing factor. Has good UI, good for streaming but not for torrenting. Worked well with my tv box though but i feel like i am under utilizing it for the price.

And then i went on to try surfshark. Their IKEv2(fastest) protocol on windows PC didnt work for me. Neither did it work for netflix on my andriod tv box.

Now thinking which vpn service to try next. I need one that can bypass netflix/kodi and good for torrent.
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