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Married with earning power should hoot digital on sale games. Who cares the $15-$20 physical so called rental, rush to play and resale. Why not pay the $20-30 digital sale price and own the game? So free to meet buyers and sellers after work? Make appt but buyer last time make excuse fly kite. To me its simply not worth the effort and time. Unless you are a student.
Cause you don't really own the digital game, you're paying a license that can be removed anytime without any warning.
Don't like a game and do a charge back because of no refund? Bam, your account is banned.
Licensing issue causes the game to be removed from the store? Bam, no more redownloading of the game.

If you are married with earning power and money is not an issue, might as well go all physical collector's edition.
Don't need to camp at store always waiting for discounts.
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