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Cause you don't really own the digital game, you're paying a license that can be removed anytime without any warning.
Don't like a game and do a charge back because of no refund? Bam, your account is banned.
Licensing issue causes the game to be removed from the store? Bam, no more redownloading of the game.
Not true at all. If a game is removed from store for any reason (eg. license to source material, like cartoon, expired) but you already purchased it, you can continue to download and play. You already own a license to the game, they can't take that away from you.

For example, Transformers: Devestation (by Platinum Games) was removed due to their Transformers license expired. Or Castle of Illusion (Mickey Mouse game) was removed. But I can still download them today.

Only exception so far is PT (the Kojima silent hill game playable teaser). But then, that was a free demo, you don't own any license.

If you own a physical disc of a game, technically you do not own the game, you only own a license to play the game, and you just have the physical media. It's still the same as digital version license. Sure, if you have the disc, you can still play it, but like I just said, if you bought it digitally, you can still play it too, no difference (unless Sony goes bankrupt and PSN store shuts down).
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