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Copy the game's save file(s) to USB thumb drive (easier if you use one that doesn't already have game saves copied to it before). Connect the thumb drive to a PC, look at folder PS4, then folder SAVEDATA, there will be a folder with 16 alphanumeric characters (this is probably an encrypted code for your PSN account that played the game). Under that, you will see one folder for each game. The folder name is the Product ID like CUSAxxxxx.

Then go to each PSN store using a PC web browser (US/R1, UK/R2, SG/R3, logout first if you are already logged in, otherwise you can only go to the region store you are logged in to). Search for the game, and look at the URL address. Or go to gamefaqs site, search the game, home>release data, they list the various region product id.
Well I got CUSA05574 wihich doesnít match any of the PS4 websites and it isnít listed on gamefaq either. What region game is this?!
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