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Good info

A little confused with all these PSN, PS+, maybe getting old. Haha

So u suggesting 1 month PS+ on SG account or US account? If get SG PS+, go where get cheapest?

N offer until when?
Different region PSN stores have different contents (like SG/Asia store has very few indie games) and run different sales (different frequency too, US has weekly sales, often quite good discounts, SG seldom have any good sale). Right now every region has Christmas sale but, as a rare case, SG has a rather good one.

During the SG sale (details below), some of the items on sale also has additional 10% off for PS+ members. So if you buy just a 1 month (SG) PS+ membership before buying games from the SG sale, you may be able to save more. (Of cos, if you want to buy from US sale and get their PS+ additional discounts, you will need US account to have US PS+ membership.)

SG PS+ 1 month membership just get from SG PSN store directly (S$6.90) here, pay using SG credit card or paypal. No promo at the moment.

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