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Received whatsapp from this money lender who uses licensed money lender company. I only realised when i find something fishy with them. At first different num ws me if i want to do loan and i am so stupid to take because i thought it’s easy by ws only. They asked for my ic, cpf contribution and next of kin. But my cpf shows my company name but no address. Thn the next day i received 200 without my consent from them at all. Was told to pay next following week and they told me it was ‘trial’. Lol. So i made the payment $200. Thn another number ws me and made a transfer without my consent at all. Asked for acc no cause i want to transfer back the money but no reply at all. And they said loan approve cannot back off. Lol. And was told to pay back 250 defer and 750 back because they transfered me 500 without my consent at all. I thought everything is clear. After few weeks another num ws me and transfered me again $400 and was told to pay back $600. 250 defer and 600. Did the same thing asked for acc no to transfer because i didnt do this loan at all. So i keep quiet and they after 2 weeks they ws me to bank in by 5pm? I did transfered back because i want this to end. Did pay them 250 for defer to diff acc. And $600 to diff acc. Once i transfer $600 they said i transfer to wrong acc and not counted. And i’’ like wth??? The scammer even say i stupid and ‘**** you’ because im stupid for transfering to diff acc? He pass to me 1 acc only sia wth. Thn the next few weeks he ws me to bank in my clearance even i did which to wrong acc??? 250 defer to diff acc and $600 to diff again. I did that and they even said to me the $600 payee name put ‘this name’ but i put his name and he replied why i give him so much trouble because the acc is office one? And since i put wrong name is not counted. From there I realised something fishy and not right. I google the company and read under ‘Notes to borrowers’ and the way they handle cus too diff. And i knew it i got scammed by this ****ers. No contract were ask to sigb, never transfer the total amount, diff num, use vulgar words, never explain when to pay back. And was told to transfer clearance by next week again. What should i do? Quite worried for my family safety if they harassed my family or house. Will they call my company? Help me please. What should i do now
If u continue paying them of coz they think u stupid la..change hp...ignore them
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