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The good feelings are back to OT though few may argue that it's only Cardiff and Huddersfield. What we have seen over the past 2 games was attacking football, one-touch football, we kept going at the defense with our pacey talented attackers.

Not surprising we are conceding goals, but we are scoring many more upfront and this is the true real Man Utd. We certainly have the squad to play nice attacking football and I'm glad the shackles are removed now, and even Pogba is playing well. Another point to note is we are playing with AS and LKK. I'm really looking forward to see them in action real soon and pretty certain this pair will start to score goals.

As for title race, Man City and Tottenham won't give up without a good fight, this i can assure. Liverpool is going to face Arsenal and Man City in the next 2 games, and if they secure just 1 point, title race is back on! As for us, the key is to win more games and take points off Chelsea, Arsenal when we meet. Of course stop LVP at OT when they visit! Looking forward to next game and hope to see AS soon!
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