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Based on what I feel the two games Ole has in charged, not only Pogba, but the whole team sabotaged Jose earlier gao gao
For me it's more like JM Sabo our team by making them play a style that causes our players to make more mistakes. It's like purposely highlighting the problems we have in defence instead of overcoming it by going out to attack. The players are playing to their weaknesses instead of their strength. Just look at his weird lines up and subs as well.

Under OGS, it's the opposite, players are playing to their strength and that is to attack. If you are good in attack, you attack and not sit back and defend and allow the opponents to force you to make mistakes. That's why we don't see them playing to their potential and we keep wondering why they can perform under different team/manager ie playing for their country or previous club.

It's like buying F1 cars and forcing them to race on a off road rally track and wonder why they can't perform and blame it on the cars.

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