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Lunox unless your team picks first else if cfm banned.( smart opp team will also ban lunox most likely) if u are a mage player, try alice or even gord - wont go wrong. The new kadita also good if u know how to use her. Cyclop is good but u need to gear up till the 3rd pcs before u chiong to engage . Dont be hero and dive in early in game without support. U will die easily without any means to escape(flicker can only do that much)
This game if u want to go far in ranking cannot just play a single class. U need to at least know 3 ( fighter/mm/mage or vice versa tank etc). Having knowledge of these other classes also help u to counter them also.
if you're a mage user like me and cannot go melee... the best ofher class you can learn is support. can start with angela or raf imo raf's playstyle is versatile. as for alice or gord, i would pick alice bc she has more mobility but if you practice and have the right time and right combo, gord can be hard to counter. cyc usually need to get till your second item so play safe and focus on farming at the beginning then when you know you can burst them down just chiong in. cyc with ce is unkillable xD
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