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Those who are having LS issue pls kindly PM me. Been there done that and i can share with u just how to handle it, be it u intentionally borrowed from them or not. Just bear in mind one thing, do not ever pay anything to them. It is a crime by doing so coz basically youre helping them in their transaction. And those who are having LS problem pls dun think that you have committed a crime, u did not. Its not a crime to borrow from LS. So just share ur problems and do not scratch ur head or go the extra miles to try to find ways to pay them. Never.

PAP did the best thing in installing CCTV in all our blocks (HDB) so that those LaoSai will have fewer runners willing to help them coz they know they will sure get caught. Those runners are also their kakia who owe them money. Install one cctv at your house is also a safer thing to do.

Like all counsellor mention, just block them. Do the right thing. Off the ringer in ur housephone. But most importantly tell ur family about the problem. U did smth wrong, admit it, face it. Do not continue to borrow from one LaoSai to pay another LaoSsai, coz u dun have to. It will just make matter worst.

Worst case those who ask u for deposit are definitely scammers. Dun ever trust them.

Need more help pls kindly pm me. More than willing to share with u how to dea with and also my own story.

Lets fight all these LaoSai together! Only then will LS problem stop in SG coz the govt can only deal with those in SG i.e. their stupid runners and many a times they are operating from overseas.

Pls teenagers who are facing this problem, never ever fall prey to them asking u to help them in ANY way.

Peace... p.s. btw, i pirposely created this account to try to help ppl who have been through the path i took last time. Youre not alone! Remember this and its not the end.
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