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Just ignore la..I listen till sian
Been ignoring them and will continue to ignore. Just that I didnt block their ws numbers cause I dont want them to bother my NOK. Eventually i got use to their msgs already. Read and close no point answering or entertain them. Both my LS also msg me once on the day of due. Thats it no spamming of calls or msgs. Unlike when I was still paying them. Reply late 30mins-1hour already call/msg me like crazy. I hide my ws dp also they call me up to check if i block them. Now that I ignore and stop paying them, the spamming of msgs and calls got lesser.
I also somehow already accepted the fact and mentally prepared for the worst cause if you kanchiong and stress about them you can never think straight.

That is how they work. They pressure you knowing that you fear their threats and will give in. If you continue to ignore them they will eventually get tired also. When will they get tired that depends on your luck.

Importantly you need to come clean with everyone involved. Talk to a friend or someone you trust cause you need all the emotional and mental support from the people around you. Dont be ashamed of what you did cause most of us here are being scammed and were not aware that they are LS at the first place. Just that it as a lesson learn and share yr story to create awareness to your close ones so they wont fall into their trap in thr future.
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