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New in this PS4.... Last time my console gaming life stops at PS2, then busy with work and marriage...

Just bought the console, no game at all. Recommend on what I need to do?
- I need to create account, is this what we called PSN+ and to have that I would need to pay subscription fee annually?
- I have many desire to play old games, should i go for digital or just 2nd hand physical, such as batman series, mgs?
- Is the game region important? I read somewhere that region will only affected if there is DLC, but the main game should not be affected. Is that right? How about the digital version, do they also have region linked to it?

I think that will be it for now.. Thanks in advanced to kind soul for helping to solve my confusion.

Married with earning power should hoot digital on sale games. Who cares the $15-$20 physical so called rental, rush to play and resale. Why not pay the $20-30 digital sale price and own the game? So free to meet buyers and sellers after work? Make appt but buyer last time make excuse fly kite. To me its simply not worth the effort and time. Unless you are a student.

Now is the best time to hoot and collect the good and older games from psn store. Uncharted, horizon dawn and others all less than $10 usd.

Mgs andBatman u need to wait for warner sales usually July to aug. Mid year time
batman is on sale now
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