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For new users Mi Box global version (Mi Box and Mi Box S) is a better bet than generic box like A95X. If you are very low on the budget then buy cheaper brand like Tanix TX3 Mini or TX3 Max which are between S$40-50.

And do not buy fully loaded box like Magic X. The HW costs less than S$50 (lousy RK3229 based box) and yet they charge over S$200 for the box by adding some dubious apps.
Hi Bro, thank you for the advise. Actually I'm not a techie, I just hope to buy an android box that can last me like 5 years? There is a spread sheet link indicating that NVDIA Shield is the top in teams of specs pricing highest, then H96 Max, X99 and 6th place is A95X Plus. I have no idea how the ranking was done.
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