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Hi Bro, thank you for the advise. Actually I'm not a techie, I just hope to buy an android box that can last me like 5 years? There is a spread sheet link indicating that NVDIA Shield is the top in teams of specs pricing highest, then H96 Max, X99 and 6th place is A95X Plus. I have no idea how the ranking was done.
Ignore the ranking. Rather use it as a feature comparison.

For the purpose of streaming content, nothing beat Mi Box and Mi Box S in terms of price performance ratio. Netflix 4K and YouTube 4K and Chromecast 4K built-in, no generic Android TV boxes can do Netflix 4K and none of them will have Chromecast feature built-in.

If you can pay and you want to play some games offered by Nvidia Shield TV, then buy the Shield TV.

As for 5 years longevity, hard to say now. Normal Android phones do not last for 5 years anyway.
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