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Interestingly there is no difference at layman level between the two and saying that you can add your cards to either “Apple Pay” or “Apple Pay via iCloud wallet” leads to the same result, just that one is more specific than the other. Not sure why there is a need to say one is wrong when trying to follow the instructions either way would not lead to a right or wrong outcome, but the same right outcome. I am technical cos I have been on this field for quite a while, arguing things about pros and cons of open and closed transit fare systems and such, that such interchangeable terms that doesn’t harm anyone is not of concern other than about who is being more righteous rather than practicality.
Actually you’re still wrong. What TransitLink needs when we register is the device account number on the phone which is unique from device to device and different from the physical card number. regardless of whether the card is backed up or synced to iCloud or not, the device account number will be different, re-registration will still be needed. Thus iCloud in this case plays no part in mobile wallet ABT and might cause an even deeper confusion for the consumers.
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