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To those who have PM-ed me, apologies i cant reply as my post count is less than 10. Anw this is my reply (you know who you are):

Basically they did come up and write those O$P$ but that was before i installed a CCTV. Thereafter, no such acts from them and im not trying to scare u here but they also did come up to my place and set fire. All these were before the cctv was installed, and guess what those runners were immediately caught.

What i wanna tell u here is:

1) dont worry abt the harrassment, i think now that the news are so rampant about people getting caught after these stupid acts, no one will dare to help them anymore. (i know its easier said than done). However, this was a path we choose to take / have unintentionally taken, so we just have to face it. Most importantly like what i mention in my thread, confide all these in ur family, get their moral and emotional support. If you have difficulty doing so i.e. afraid that your family wont give u at least a very simple support, u can always go through a social service to help u on this. They will go up your place and be the mediator betw u and your loved ones, quite useful in my opinion.

2) Just block off all of them and report to the police. They will increase their patrol ard your area as well. Rmb never to borrow from one LS again to pay off another LS. Immediately, i mean now, block off their whatsapp and also block off private number call. Do it now, u will feel better.

3) next step is to inform your superior. U dun hve to tell him the full truth, can just leave the reason as being scammed (to keep ur status in ur company) thinking that they are licensed lenders. Why do i ask u to do so is so that if, i mean if, they call up ur company, at least they know they just have to ignore their calls or msg. Get them to play along with u. At least if one day they call, ur superior wont ask u more and that wont put ur stability in the job in jeopardy

To end off, i think most importantly is to confide this problem in your family. U need their support - emotionally and morally. If u experience anymore encounters of any kind pls pm me again. Applogies for the late reply as i was new and did not realise that i have got new PMs.

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